Trucast Pro IP Delivery

The more versatile, reliable and cost-effective choice for audio distribution!

Copy Splitting & Station Verification

Each Trucast Pro receiver offers unique copy playback and verification of spot play through the Trucast Pro System.


Improved Audio Quality

High quality, uncompressed audio streams.

Simple User Interface

Stability & Flexibility

Can easily serve networks large and small with no cap on affiliates per network

Lower Cost & Easy to Access

No satellite fees to pass on- affiliates only need basic internet down to 5G and no need to install expensive dish.

Live Programming & On-Demand Content

Affiliates can easily manage content just like they are used to doing with manor satellite platforms- schedule, record & playback functionality with Trucast Pro System.

Ready to Make a Change?


TruCast builds cutting-edge technology solutions for broadcasters, networks and content producers. Trucast Solutions is an Audio 1 Distribution company


(866) 707-7490

(866) 707-7490


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