TruCast automation is a complete audio playout solution for radio. With features that ensures broadcasters can deliver reliable, accurate audio content.

Myriad 5 Playout is a radio playout and automation system built from the ground up to provide a broadcast platform for the next generation of engaging and creative radio presenters and stations.

To Make Great Radio,
You Need Great Tools

Fully scalable from single workstation to full enterprise level solution.
Flexible design and fully customizable interface via our Dynamic Layouts.
Robust audio playout and creation tools designed to streamline workflows.

Local, Remote & Cloud Voice Tracking

Create exciting, dynamic sounding radio shows in minutes using our advanced Voice Tracking tools. Record ‘real time’ voice tracks, adjust volume points and re-position elements all from a simple, intuitive interface.

Local Voice Track – In studio VT via Myriad 5 Playout
Remote Voice Tracking (RVT) – Remote VT via dedicated Window Application
Myriad Anywhere RVT (Self Host) – Web browser based Log Editing & Voice Tracking (station hosted)

Myriad Anywhere RVT Cloud – Web based Log Editing and RVT without any hosting headaches!


The Smart Info Panel dynamically gathers and displays ‘live’ relevant information from various online sources relating to the active Artists and Song in Myriad.

  • Album Art
  • Year of Release
  • Official Wikipedia Page
  • Official Twitter Feed
  • Studio Note (time contextual notes you have added to the system)
  • Weather in Your Area

Smart Info will also automatically populate certain information on Songs including Album Art and Year of Release. This information can also be displayed in the Dashboard

Live Assist & Automated Log Playout

The Log provides access to your station schedule for Live Assisted and Automated playout. Think of the Log as a giant playlist that can be manually built, or automatically built using InstantTrack, AutoTrack or a third party scheduling system.

Once built, you can use the Log to deliver ‘Live Assist’ programs (when you are in control of the audio) or fully automated playout (for when the station is unattended).

Alter the Log, add content, edit the segues and add ‘Voice Links’ to automated programming
Automatically ‘backtime’ automated shows for time critical events (such as news)
Dynamically build music based promos (called AutoHooks)

Automatically post updates to your Twitter and Facebook pages.


Myriad 5 Schedule is a powerful yet simple music and link scheduling system built directly into Myriad 5 Playout.

Myriad Schedule is built directly into Myriad Playout bringing both playout and scheduling together and working from a single, unified database of content.


Full of features that will not only save you time, but have you sounding better than the competition!



Allows you to seamlessly switch between multi-screen layouts to access different tools of sections of the system as you need them.

Myraid 5 comes packed with a wide range of built in Dynamic Layouts you can edit to suit your needs or even create your own Dynamic layouts from scratch.



Provides quick and simple access to your entire catalogue of content, conveniently organized into 'areas' of similar content

The MediaWall provides a visual medium for navigating the content on your Myriad 5 Playout system.



Favorites offer instant access to your favorite items on the MediaWall and have been optimized for touchscreen use

You can use Favorites to quickly access Jingles, Music & Songs; Rotate/List/Shuffle Items; Command Media Items



Quick Recorder is designed to streamline the workflow of recording & editing a simple interview or phone call to just a few clicks

Ideal for production use or in environment where you need to rapidly (and simply) produce audio content such as a newsroom.



Provides all the information you need, at a glance for both 'Live' and 'Automated' shows

Instantly see what is playing, how long is left and what is going to play next, regardless of where you are currently working in the Log.



A 'drag and drop' playlist creation tool which can be used to manually build lists of Media Items that can be used in a number of different ways

Rapidly create professional sounding audio promos featuring the most recognizable parts of songs

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